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Formerly known as Stand Up And Deliver

OUR BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAMME developed from the Absolute & Almost Beginners comedy course (recommended by Greg Davies, Josh Widdicombe and Rhod Gilbert, amongst our many wellknown and successful graduates), but has moved on tremendously since.

Our business orientated seminars and workshops have have been successfully delivered to a wide spectrum of participants, from graduate trainees in advertising agencies, to CEOs in the third sector, to IT staff in financial institutions.

Generally our comedy and humour-based seminars and workshops for business of all types and size (from multinational to SME), plus the public sector and NFP organisations, can focus on:

  1. Public speaking and presentations: Developing these skills, plus confidence building for "in the spotlight" situations - these vary from those for trainers, to front-line staff, to Chief Executives for example, or
  2. Developing co-operative working where people may have conflicting roles and ways of working, or
  3. Strategies for staying creative and fresh under pressure, or
  4. FunDay (or half-day) With A Purpose: Informal creative seminars free-up participants, enabling better and more open communication and teamworking. Structured light-hearted exercises in a supportive situation help achieve the positive outcome of participants gaining an appreciation of the underlying motivations and previously unacknowledged capabilities of their colleagues.

We now provide individual/small team/small group Media Training, for when directors/CEOs are put on the spot in radio/television interviews - getting the key points across succinctly with a light touch, while avoiding black holes - and could be within a Crisis Media Management campaign

We are based in London because it is the world's comedy capital, but we also deliver training seminars and workshops throughout the UK, Europe, and increasingly further afield too.

To discuss your organisation's training needs, please initially email Courses@AmusedMoose.com

Often companies pay for individual employees to attend our comedy courses in London, such as the Absolute And Almost Beginners comedy course, and others which may suit.
click here for more details of our current comedy courses, including occasional 'Try Stand Up Comedy' taster afternoons/evenings.
Or better still email courses@amusedmoose.com for personalised information including course dates, suitability, availability and how to enrol, and to be kept in the loop about future courses