Amused Moose Comedy's The Art of the Perfect Routine


THE ART OF THE PERFECT ROUTINE: Build Better Jokes, and the Gift of the Anecdote
ed by MARKUS BIRDMAN on three Sunday afternoons in central London in March and April

"Top comedy courses":

Learn how to use funny anecdotes to enhance your stand up, that maybe could become the heart of a Fringe show.  .

It becomes clear to most comedians quite soon that there are more skills they should explore and develop, and that the sooner they build those the sooner they will improve faster than their peers, be noticed, and get better gigs. 

So Markus Birdman will lead you through exploring the universal in your own insights and experiences stories, then using advanced techniques to craft them into better material with the enhanced performance skills to sell them. 

    This is not suitable for beginners as the basics of stand-up are not included.

Indeed The Art Of The Perfect Routine course takes your act to the next level by covering:

Unearthing and exploring your own anecdotes so there is authenticity and passion/emotion, while finding the universal in the particular

Gag it up! Create more laughs throughout to hold it up, by exploring and employing joke structures and ‘joke trees’

Editing: What to keep in, but mostly what to leave out

Structure: Create a road map, with markers throughout

A Great Payoff: Punchline/reveal/callback/surprise

Rhythm & pace: Shorter sentences, repetition

Keep it simple: Clear and easy to remember and perform, and for audiences to follow

Spice it up! Embellish through colourful language, interesting characters, sounds and accents

Grab my attention: The first line is crucial - The Elevator Pitch - “I shot a moose”

Surprise me: Tell me something I don’t know; inspire/startle/intrigue/provoke

Do you really want to say that? Know your audience, know yourself (your normalioften is not their normal)

Performance: Sell your perfect story with body language, stance, eye contact, hand gestures, warmth, authenticity, facial expression, and the art of the good pause.

Amused Moose Comedy's booster/advanced short courses provide lots of advice and hardwon insights about performing stand-up which cut many many months of trekking around the circuit and frustratingly being seen onstage treading water and sometimes struggling, while hoping to work things out for yourself.

Unlike other comedy courses, ours combine

  • Being led by awardwinning headline comedians who regularly perform at the biggest and best comedy clubs on the UK circuit and abroad, while also
  • Having fewer participants which ensures that everyone gets individual advice, guidance and encouragement.

The Art of the Perfect Routine is led by Markus Birdman in the elite band of awardwinning stand-ups who are in constant demand as one of the most respected and well travelled British gigging comedians, by all the big comedy clubs not just in the UK but also performs and tours around the globe, so is up-to-date and really tuned into current trends etc.  He has appeared on television around the world (including Festival Galas, and a Netflix Special in Amsterdam), been nominated for numerous comedy awards as far afield as New Zealand and Australia as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe, and in London has for example appeared at The Palladium and the O2, as well as Soho Theatre.
      “Uniquely talented, demonstrates just how it's done”: Evening Standard
      “The all-round package; witty, controversial, hip, topical, silly.
ade me laugh so hard it hurt. A master”: BBC

Its likely that you already know that Amused Moose courses often fill up way ahead,
so don't dither about enrolling!

Because there is nothing as good as a recommendation, here are some about this course led by Markus:

“Worth every penny.  Areas for improvement and focus were identified, with many suggestions on where I could go with an idea - something you do not really get on other courses." 

"To receive indepth advice from a pro is invaluable.  For everyone looking to move to the next level in comedy, this course is perfect for you.”

“Insightful, supportive and practical – working with you on material, delivery and stage presence; spotting weaknesses and offering advice that improves your act straight away.”

“A funny, honest and engaging teacher who is able to go into great detail about each person’s act while still keeping everyone involved.  Brilliant.  Sign up now.”

“It was wonderful to see everyone improve so much.”

 “A learning atmosphere that is relaxed” … “Thoroughly enjoyable” … “Gives confidence to try out and develop new things” ... ”All done with great humour" … “I have gained lots of tools” … “Fast moving, with a good combination of one to one advice and opportunities to perform” … “Great stuff!” … “Invaluable - I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Dates: Sundays 6 March, 13 March and 3 April (12.30 to 5pm)

Venue: Karma Sanctum Hotel's club room, 20 Warwick Street, W1B 5NF
(Tube: Piccadilly Circus)


HOW TO ENROL: The fee is £196 with enrolment online by clicking here   (You can pay in two halves; the second instalment is due 10 days before the course starts and confirms your place)  

You will receive an automated confirmation when your fee has been received.  Then please email confirming that you have stand-up experience, adding your stage name and mobile number so we can link you with your fee payment.

Details will be reconfirmed by email a few days beforehand.

NB: No refunds are given for sessions not attended, and dates/times/location/course leader etc could very occasionally differ from those shown, without liability

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