Stand up and deliver


"As a recent graduate of the Absolute and Almost Beginners comedy course I can say, hand on heart, that it is the best thing I have ever done."

"You learn stagecraft, how to write a joke, how to make it funnier, and how to stand up and deliver that joke so that people laugh.  It's magical."

"The course is worth every penny."

"To receive indepth advice from a pro comedian is invaluable.  For everyone looking to move to the next level in comedy, the Progression course is perfect for you."

The Absolute and Almost Beginners stand-up comedy course is our best known and most frequent course. Initially led by Logan Murray, this course is recommended by Josh Widdicombe, Rhod Gilbert and Greg Davis who were amongst the first graduates, and has a longstanding reputation for being the best in the UK.

So why is choosing an Amused Moose Comedy course the best decision?

Unlike most other comedy courses ours are led by award-winning comedians who are currently performing as headliners at the biggest and best comedy clubs in the UK and abroad, Luke Toulson and Markus Birdman.  So they know exactly what is happening right now, and importantly how to do it.

Also we limit the number on our courses and workshops to 12, to ensure everyone gets loads of individual advice and support.

Plus graduates of Amused Moose Comedy courses can be seen on TV in their own sitcoms, on panel shows, and as stand-ups.  They perform at the most prestigious comedy festivals around the world, and have won every major comedy award including BAFTAs.  Some write for TV and radio, while others are presenters and sitcom actors, while some move into production, entertainment PR and journalism, film making, after-dinner speaking etc.

Absolute and Almost Beginners comedy courses this season are:

               (The October course is already full)

Our other courses coming up are:

If you’re still not sure about the Absolute And Almost Beginners course, why not come and see one of our Graduation Showcases or sign up for one of our occasional Try Comedy taster sessions?

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